Northampton's new £200,000 car parking signs!05/03/2013 16:09

Our new website includes a blog facility & I wondered what my first proper blog would be about. The answer is Northampton's new £200,000 car parking signs! The Borough Council nail their commitment to the town centre firmly to the mast with these signs which will hopefully to dispel a long held misconception that "there is never any parking in Northampton”. As the figures show the car-parks are never actually full and if this myth can be overcome then hopefully we can all start to do more business in the town centre.

Councillor Terry Wire says "the Borough Council should really concentrate on trying to fill the car-parks” and whilst it certainly makes sense to point visitors to them efficiently the new numerical signage actually says something else to all those passing – "Northampton is open for business … right now”. This is the unreported message and the one missed by the "opposition” councillor. Given our digital communication age, wouldn't it be even better if the availability was broadcast online so that visitors would know where they were going to park before they left home in the same way as bus-users use the real-time bus information.

Having made their commitments to the town centre at election time I would have hoped that, on the day that the national news reports 1800 retail outlets closed across the country In the last 12 months, the health of the town centre was an important enough subject for the politicians to put aside their political divisions.


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