Stephen Chown provides a commentary on the commercial property market and anticipates continued increases in activity.24/04/2014 11:41

This time last year we witnessed a ‘purple-patch’ we completed 19 deals in Q2 of 2013. This year we’ve witnessed increased activity in the agency market since the beginning of the year and we have good reason to anticipate that it will continue.


In the town centre we have completed lettings and sales at 24 Market Square, 7 Fish Street, 11 Gold Street, Unit 11 at 77 Abington Street, 26 Market Square and 7a Abington Street so far this year and 48 The Drapery, 4a Fish Street and 58 Bridge Street are currently under offer.


Out of the town 3 Redhouse Square and 11 Scirocco Close are under offer at Moulton Park and further afield, taking the temperature of the market from the Accuitas Auctions that we attend monthly we are confident that there is more money flowing around the system now than at any time over the last 5 years. This has led a number of clients to instruct us to seek premises, sites and development opportunities for them to acquire and others to ask our opinion on potential alternative uses for existing buildings. We believe that the town centre can be the vibrant experiential place we all want and would find it useful to hear from readers of Business Times what sort of businesses or activities you would you like to see more or less of. We would like to hear from you so please tweet us at @ChownCommercial or email us via our website.


For enquiries around town Stephen, Jon and Hannah at Chown Commercial can be contacted on 01604 60 40 50 or click the newly updated which now includes regular blogs.





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