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So the Chron’s gone! It’s soon to be replaced by an Aldi. Judging by the popularity of the new Lidl at Sixfields I’m sure it will be very successful. Certainly it will provide supermarket shop floor space for the Mounts locality and as such will increase commercial activity in the area. Chown Commercial are instructed to sell a block of 7 flats close by at Vogue House, St Michaels Road. This is an income producing investment sale and the purchaser can expect the vicinity to improve upon the completion of the new development.


In Moulton Park Nationwide have committed to staying on site rather than moving their head office and have further committed to investing in their flagship Drapery/Mercers Row outlet. This is, of course, in the vicinity of the new bus station and could be one of the first signs of improvement coming as a direct result of this development. 48 Drapery has recently opened as Café 48 and with its soon to be installed electronic bus-time displays is obviously a direct result of the scheme. Close by are several vacant retail shops, but even these are beginning to attract some interest, if only initially from a pop-up artists gallery.


Elsewhere in the town the first independent tenants are getting close to taking occupation of the new Brewery Building and 58 Bridge Street recently completed as a freehold sale. Undoubtedly some of the attraction of this area of town is the pending arrival of the County Council moving into Angel Street/Fetter Street. This may be some way off but the town is increasingly aware that changes are afoot.


The next stop for development will be Castle House near the Station and then Greyfriars which seems to have been a long time coming. Both of the offer excellent opportunities to pump prime the local development market and economy at large. Hopefully we won’t have too long to wait!



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